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900 Swift St, North Kansas City, MO 64116


What can we expect when we come into Hawg Jaw Cue & Brew?

First off, you can expect to taste some amazing Kansas City barbecue. We aren’t a fancy restaurant with nice silverware & plates. Our meats are served dry, giving you an option of 3 of our homemade sauces we make in house as well as our smoked ketchup. All of the tables are stocked with 1 of each sauce, paper towels, and plastic wear caddy’s (forks, spoons, knives, salt & pepper). Most customers ask for their sauce on the side and we say good meat doesn’t necessarily need sauce. Other than for dipping.

How do you season your meats?

All our meats come with a dry rub, and are smoked until they reach temperature.

How long do you smoke your meats?

The amount of time varies based on specific meats. Chicken, Turkey, Polish Sausage, Ribs, Prime Rib and Italian Sausage are all smoked throughout the day time with a cherry wood. I can provide temps and times if you would like for each meat. The main meats people care about the time and temp in my experience are Brisket, Burnt Ends and Pulled pork.
The Brisket and Burnt Ends are smoked at 190 degrees and are on for up to 14 hours, depending on how thickness of the meat. The Pork Butts (Shoulder) are smoked at 200 degrees taking up to 16 hours to get to temperature. They take the temp of the meat along with feeling it. If the pork bone is able to pull off the meat it’s ready.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Fivestars is our loyalty reward program. You can sign up with your phone number right at the cash register. Your first reward for signing up is available right away for your first purchase is a $2 off reward of a purchase over $9.95 after that every dollar you spend turns into a point. Every time you go to Hawg Jaw you type your number into this tablet while you place your order with cashier and your point value is displayed. Along with current rewards are in green, and they show future rewards displayed in grey so you can preview what is yet to come. People let their points stack up sometimes able to pay for their entire meal with only points. Fivestars has an app, for Android & Apple, you can download on your smart phone and you will be able to manage rewards for Hawg jaw on there as well. Aside from Fivestars we are also included in the Kansas City Originals Restaurant rewards club

What is the difference between Hawg Jaw’s Kansas City Barbecue and other BBQ joints?

We smoke our meats using cherry wood. It makes the smoke a lighter taste some would say naturally sweet. It’s not a harsh distinct smoke such as hickory is very defined and at times overpowering.

We smoke our BBQ Beans and Burnt end chili under the Big Logs of Brisket allowing extra flavor from the beef drippings in the smoker. We also smoke our Mac-n-cheese sauce always using cherry wood and our cheesy corn. 

A few things that separate us from other KC bbq restaurants is that we are locally owned and operated by a Kansas City MO fireman, we make everything except for the fried side items in house and we use the cherry wood. We try to cater to the people on low carb diets with gluten free rubs and sauces allowing people that integrate lifestyle changes such as Keto or high protein diets. 

Do you provide a catering service?

Yes.  For catering, most people ask about delivery and additional costs based on where they are located. If their business or residence is 3 miles or more away from Hawg Jaw’s restaurant, there is an additional $25 delivery fee that is added to the orger.  There is also an 5% service charge that is for the person who sets up the order, but additional gratuity for our team member is always appreciated. Our delivery service is for orders greater than $150 before tax.

When you are at our restaurant, on the back of the main menu shows our catering menu with packages and pricing. You may also place a catering order over the phone by calling 816-741-4294, then press option #2 to be directed a catering team member or voicemail. If you review our catering menu and decide that you want to purchase meat by the pound, instead of buffet style, we can also accommodate that as well.

How soon does a Catering delivery order need to placed?

We typically ask if it’s a rather large order of more than 5 pounds of each meat, give us at least a days notice. However, we have been known to make a large amount of meat for a catering order on the fly. Depends on the supply for the day. Deliveries are needed to be placed a day or two ahead of time as well because we don’t have a delivery driver at all times and try to staff appropriately.

Are your rubs & sauces gluten free?

Yes, all of our rubs we use on our meats are gluten free as are our homemade sauces.