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Loaded Fries (Brisket or Pulled Pork)    $8.99
Cheese, Jalapeños, Chipotle Sour Cream, Green Onions, diced red peppers

BBQ Nachos (Brisket or Pulled Pork)    $8.49
Cheese, Jalapeños, Chipotle Sour Cream, Green Onions, diced red peppers
Substitute burnt ends for $2.99

Smoked Wings (Plain, BBQ or Traditional)
6: $6.99   12: $11.99   18: $17.99

Stock Sandwiches

All sandwiches with pickle and sauce

Brisket, Burnt Ends, Pulled Pork, Ham, Turkey, Sausage
Small: $5.99   Medium: $7.99   Large: $9.99

stock sandwich hawg jaw2
hawg jaw stock sandwich
Stock Sandwich hawg jaw

House Specialties

Add a small side and a drink to any House Special for $3.49

house specialty hawg jaw

Irish Hawg    $10.59
Smoked corned beef, smoked sausage, swiss cheese, spicy sauerkraut and thousand island on toast marble rye

Spud Deluxe    $8.29
Stuffed potato with Pulled Pork and topped with chipotle sour cream, cheese, green onions and red peppers.
Substitute brisket for $1.99
Substitute burnt ends for $2.99.

Slaw Dog    $7.49
All beef Dog topped with Pulled Pork & Buffalo coleslaw
Substitute brisket $1.99
Substitute burnt ends $2.99

Italian Hawg    $10.59
Smoked Italian sausage, smoked brisket, glarderria, and provolone cheese on a toasted ciabatta roll

Prime French Dip    $12.95
Shaved smoked Prime rib, topped with swiss on a toasted hoagie, with side of smokey Au Jus

beef hawg jaw

Smoked Meat by The Pound

Brisket or Corned Beef
Half: $8.99
Full: $15.99

Burnt Ends
Half: $9.99
Full: $16.99

Pulled Pork, Ham, Turkey, Sausage or Italian Sausage
Half: $7.99
Full: $14.99

ribs hawg jaw

Rib Dinners

Served on Texas Toast with your choice of 1 regular side.

Half Rack: $14.99    Full Rack: $23.99


Served on sliced bread

Half Rack: $12.99    Full Rack: $21.99

workin’ folks special (11am-4pm)

Served with a small side, soft drink and your choice of meat: Brisket, Burnt Ends, Pulled Pork, Ham, Turkey, Sausage
Small: $9.29    Medium: $11.29    Large: $13.29
Add an extra small side $1.99

Hawg Trough Sampler

 A sample of all of our meats (Pork, Brisket, Ham, Burnt Ends, Turkey, Sausage & Ribs) with of a regular side of beans, potato salad or Buffalo Coleslaw.  $17.99

kid’s menu

hawg dog

Hawg Jaw JR    $4.99
All Beef dog served with fries and kids drink

Snack Rack    $7.99
3 Bones & Crispy Fries

Chicken Tenders & Fries    $6.99
3 pieces & Crispy Fries


Small (1 serving) $2.49       Medium (4 servings) $5.49        Large (6 servings) $9.99

BBQ Beans

bbq beans hawg jaw

Potato Salad

potato salad hawg jaw

Mac & Cheese

Cheesy Corn


Buffalo Coleslaw

buffalo coleslaw hawg jaw

Onion Rings … $4.49 (one size)


Crispy Seasoned Fries …$2.49 (one size)

crispy seasoned fries hawg jaw

Sweet Potato Sticks … $2.49 (one size)

Fried Pickles … $3.49 (one size)


Soft Drinks     Regular: $1.99    Kids: $0.99
Coca-Cola Products, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Un-sweet Tea and Sweet Tea

Come in and check out our 20 + selection of micro brews and domestic beers.


1 Cookie   $.50
3 Cookies   $1.25

Chocolate Brownie   $2.25

Hawg Heaven   $3.49

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